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Introducing Perry W. Buffington...Dr. Buff

Author, keynote speaker, media personality and all-around good guy, Buffington consistently receives rave reviews, and his presentations have been called “brilliant,” “entrancing” and even “better than Saturday Night Live.” Everyone—corporate, association and university audiences—agrees that Perry Buffington’s critical acclaim is well-deserved.

Showcasing his practical knowledge and well-honed wit, Buffington’s most popular seminarsThe Millionaire Code: How to Unlock your Financial Personality and Make More Money; Type C: Creative Problem Solvers; Transitioning from Management to Leadership; Techno-Human: Putting the “Human” back in “Human Technology” and Mind Over Manners, “e”tiquette—are all audience favorites. In fact, seminar participants can expect a lot of laughter, stimulating audience interaction and—in Dr. Buffington’s own words—“no touching, hugging, role-playing or locating your inner child.”

As a licensed applied psychologist, Buffington is the author of twelve books (two bestsellers) including Cheap Psychological Tricks: What to Do When Hard Work, Honesty, and Perseverance Fail, with more on the way. He is a former syndicated newspaper/web columnist with Universal Press, as well as a former contributing editor to Sky (Delta Air Lines’ in-flight magazine), and—once upon a magical time—served as a visiting instructor at The Disney Institute.

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What they're saying...
Dr. Buff hits the mark! He is one of our most popular features and delivers sound advice in an entertaining way.
— David Edgar
Director of FM Operations
Emmis, Indianapolis

Buff has the unique ability of making the impossible sound possible and making common sense seem sensible, all in a very compelling and memorable fashion.
— Vance Dillard
Dir Adult Contemporary Operations
South Central Communications

I made my friends read [Cheap Psychological Tricks] after I [finished]. I couldn't put it down and I'm not even a big psychology fan.
— an Amazon reader
Amazon rating: 5 stars

I have never seen my colleagues so inspired by one speaker...It doesn't get any better than this!
— Angela Thomas
Premier Events Specialist, London

Be good, make an attempt, Buff out.