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Your Behavior Is Showing: Forty Prescriptions for Understanding and Liking Yourself

book: Your Behavior is ShowingNip behavioral blunders in the bud! This user-friendly guide offers 40 practical “prescriptions”for sympathetic self-awareness. Enhancing creativity, arguing productively, reading body language, and understanding laughter are just a few of the skills you'll learn.

Illustrated; softcover; 181 pages.

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Human behavior is a fascinating subject. This book covers everything—from yawning to dealing with change, from doodles to shyness, from brain construction to hugs. Written in concise chapters, filled with useful, thought-provoking information. One can learn how to cultivate creativity, how to make successful small-talk, how to overcome nasty habits, how to problem-solve, the role of natural light in physical and mental health, plus much more. This is a fascinating, informative read.

— an reader

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