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Cheap Psychological Tricks: What to Do When Hard Work, Honesty, and Perseverance Fail

book: Cheap Psychological TricksLooking for the raise you deserve? Want to avoid overeating? Need an irresistible love potion? In this down-to-earth guide, you'll find scientifically based solutions, or psychological “tricks,” to these and dozens of other everyday dilemmas. The quintessential how-to book!

Illustrated; softcover; 181 pages.

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Amazon rating: 5 stars

These “Cheap Tricks” have great worth. Actually, the information in this book is quite valuable. It's about using knowledge of brain function to one's advantage in everyday life. Dr. Buff's style of writing is absent of mumbo-jumbo. He has a practical, common-sense approach to science, mixed with great humor, charm and fun-facts. This is the kind of book your friends will ask to borrow and not return. It happened to me.

— an reader

Be good, make an attempt, Buff out.