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book: The Millionaire Code: How to Unlock your Financial Personality and Make More Money DIRECTIONS: Read each question and select (by clicking in the bubble) the one answer from the four choices that sounds MOST like you, MOST of the time. There are no wrong answers, honest!

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1. When it comes to time and money,

Work to live, and live for today because tomorrow is another day.
Work, work, work because time is money. Leisure can come later.
Organize my life so I can find time for both work and play—
      what’s life without a little enjoyment!
Slow and steady pace wins “the race.”
2. What amount of cash do you have access to right now?
I wish I knew.
Does access to credit cards and lines of credit count?
I know the exact amount down to the penny.
You think Iím going to tell you that? What’s it to you, anyway!
3. When it comes to long-term savings, I
Don’t think about it.
Wish I had money, then I would find a fast way to grow it.
Save for rainy days and retirement, too.
Stash plenty of cash away in savings. It’s one of the things I do best.
4.When it comes to money and happiness . . .
Money can’t buy happiness but it sure can buy a lot of fun.
Money equals power; power equals happiness; therefore money equals happiness.
Money can’t buy me love but having money sure is warm on cold winter nights.
Money buys respect and status everywhere.
5. When it comes to personal financial responsibility . . .
If I spend more than I make, I can always make more.
I plan to earn big and save big but often spend big.
I work very hard to live and spend within my means.
It’s very important to financially help family in trouble.
6. When I have left-over money after all the bills are paid, I
Spend it immediately.
Save or invest a little, but spend most of it.
Save or invest most of it, but spend a little.
Save or invest all of it.
7. Dollars and numbers, how are you with details?
I hate payment schedules and deadlines involved in handling money.
I love numbers but hate it when dollars/investments don’t perform as planned.
I design detailed budgets and hate it when I have to deviate from my plan.
I use a wait and watch approach to handling dollars, numbers, and I hate having to take action.
8. When it comes to shopping,
I shop therefore I buy.
I plan, stay up on prices, then shop, in and out fast.
I organize, and then I buy.
I need a lifestyle similar to my friends and then I buy to match it.
9. When it comes to sales . . .
Sale - it’s the most beautiful word in the whole-wide world.
Finding a great deal is the 2nd best thing in the world.
I shop sales-brand names usually-but I get buyer’s remorse a lot and return them.
I love cheap, shopping warehouses or specialty stores that sell limited, quality merchandise.
10. When it comes to monthly money management,
It’s a lot like playing Monopoly.
I prefer to make the decisions about how money is spent.
I need to handle it just right, even perfectly; if I think I can’t, I will pass the torch.
I manage it the easy way: deposit it and forget I have it.
11. When it comes to my being without funds . . .
Being broke is the second or third worst thing that could happen to me.
As long as I’ve got good credit available, I can rebuild and create growth.
Being flat broke is the worst thing that can happen to me.
Being broke is failure, and, it must be avoided at all costs.
12. What ís the best way to achieve financial security?
Get creative, work with lots of good people, produce and serve others.
Take charge and control your own destiny.
Watch the details, analyze choices, and make calculated decisions.
Find a niche and fill it up. Be the guru.
13. How much money is enough money?
Why set limits? This is a land of opportunity.
Enough to spring-board and try more money-making possibilities.
20% more than I make now.
Enough to guarantee comfort and peace of mind.
14. How do you respond to stress?
Easily distracted, worried, anxious, sleep less, experience heart palpitations, and have a short fuse.
Grow more headstrong and critical, sometimes heartburn, stomach burning, hot/cold flashes.
Get moody and withdraw, oversleep, overeat, along with muscle or joint pains or digestive problems.
Doubtful, indecisive, sluggish, procrastinate and congestion gets worse (allergies, sinus or asthma).
15. Which money motto fits your buying style?
Only one more shopping day until tomorrow!
Spend money my way!
You get what you pay for!
Peace at any price!
16. When it comes to financial planning . . .
Just do it!
I do it and it is only fair that others do their part, too.
I’ll get around to it.


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Be good, make an attempt, Buff out.