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Seminar Course Outlines

Transitioning from Management to Leadership
with the "Charm Offensive.”

Audiences learn how to become effective leaders.

What is Leadership?
— What is a leader? (quiz)
— History of leadership
— The Seven Rules of Leadership
— Psychological study of leadership
— Leaders' personality profiles
— Leadership styles
   (laissez faire, authoritarian, democratic and charasmatic)
— Why people become leaders

Leadership and Behavior Cycles
Examining the Seven Rules of Leadership and the “tri-cyclical” nature of human behavior.
— Cycles of unproductive leadership
— Case study
— Corporate chains

Leadership by Alignment
Making unproductive behavior cycles productive.
— “What Did You Get?” and “Meaning of Leadership” exercises
— Reinfrocement strategies
— “Concept Q” historical perspective

Leadership by Shared Vision
Discussing the techniques of outstanding leaders.
— Goals and visions
— Acting like a leader
— Cooperating vs. competing
— Teachings of a leader
— Taking stands
— Evaluation

The Millionaire Code: How to Unlock your Financial Personality and Make More Money
 [course outline]

Type C: Creative Problem-Solving Personality
 [course outline]

Techno-Humans: Putting the “Human” Back in “Human Technology”
 [course outline]

Mind Over Manners: “E”tiquette
 [course outline]

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Dr. Buff on stage
What they're saying...
I have never seen my colleagues so inspired by one speaker. [Perry Buffington] inspired, motivated, and entranced [his] audience. It doesn't get any better than this!
— Angela Thomas
Premier Events Specialist

[Perry Buffington] scored a perfect 5! I've never known a speaker to get a perfect rating at one of our meetings.
— Susan Kozlowski
Corporate Design Director
Freeman Companies

[Perry Buffington's wit and humor were an added bonus to the overall content of [his] message.
— Michael C. Yerington
Vice President & General Manager
Western Union

Be good, make an attempt, Buff out.