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Dr. Buffington Speaks...

Business consultant Dr. Perry Buffington delivers presentations that explore and address some of the most compelling issues in business...and in life. While tailoring his presentation to your unique needs, Dr. Buffington provides a special look at the following concerns and topics:

The Millionaire Code: How to Unlock your Financial Personality and Make More Money
Chances are you already have the BUILT-IN genetic make up designed to help you achieve financial security. We call it The Millionaire Code. Despite all your hard work, advanced degrees and even lucky breaks — unless you identify and unlock this Millionaire Code, you may never earn all you can or hold on to it. In fact, the real link to achieving your maximum earning potential may be hiding in the not-so-deep recesses of your brain, and this seminar shows you how to unlock this pre-wired brain magic and release the financial Genie which grants monetary rewards. Start with an easy 16-item quiz to identify your financial personality (either Powerbroker, Pleasure Seeker, Problem Solver, or Peacemaker), then the rest of the course is devoted to transforming your money weaknesses into strengths, earning more, even improving relationships with those you love. After this seminar, youll never see money the same way again! It adds up to dollars and sense. [course outline]

Type C: Creative Problem-Solving Personality
Meet the “Type C” Personality: a fearless problem slayer, this confident character rolls with the punches, thriving in the midst of chaos. Representing about 10 percent of the population, Type C has a distinct personality structure and unique solution-seeking style. Those not blessed with a superhuman capacity for creativity can develop one with the help of this critically acclaimed seminar. [course outline]

Transitioning from Management to Leadership
Hang on tight. Today's workers wrestle with responsibilities that change with the predictability of a whirligig. To get a grip on an ever-evolving work culture, a new breed of leader is needed. In this down-to-earth seminar, trendy management techniques are discarded for tried-and-true leadership strategies. Participants explore the psychology of the leader and the power of charisma. [course outline]

Techno-Humans: Putting the “Human” Back in “Human Technology”
Cutting-edge companies are embracing increasingly sophisticated technology. But why, their managers wonder, are so many employees less productive than their state-of-the-art computers? The answer is simple: not attuned to the “wiring” of the human brain, much of today's technology has forgotten the meaning of “user-friendly.” This upbeat seminar locates an amicable meeting ground between mind and machine. [course outline]

Mind Over Manners: “E”tiquette
“E”tiquette is in vogue among traditional and “e” businesses alike. Why? Because simple civilities provide the cooperative glue that holds a corporate culture together. In Mind Over Manners, participants discover the power of persuasion inherent in a well-placed “please” or “thank you.” And, sponsoring companies learn how a little “e”tiquette can make their businesses more profitable. [course outline]

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Dr. Buff on stage
What they're saying...
I have never seen my colleagues so inspired by one speaker. [Perry Buffington] inspired, motivated, and entranced [his] audience. It doesn't get any better than this!
— Angela Thomas
Premier Events Specialist

[Perry Buffington] scored a perfect 5! I've never known a speaker to get a perfect rating at one of our meetings.
— Susan Kozlowski
Corporate Design Director
Freeman Companies

[Perry Buffington's wit and humor were an added bonus to the overall content of [his] message.
— Michael C. Yerington
Vice President & General Manager
Western Union

Be good, make an attempt, Buff out.